City of Turin,


The City of Turin was appointed to arrange the XXth Olympic Winter Games. In order to be able to cope with the high traffic volumes that arise during such a large scale international event, the City of Turin needed an implementation of a centrally controlled traffic management system. The main goal was to get the public transport system ready for high frequencies, spread over a large geographical area, and to provide a significantly positive effect for the inhabitants for the time after the Olympic Games.


SWARCO’s solution contains the integration of existing and new infrastructure in a sustainable and open architecture:

  • Integration of multimode transport solutions involving railway, light rail and buses
  • Optimization of the railway connection between city and event sites
  • Realization of dedicated bus transport between the City of Turin and the sport events
  • Implementation of dedicated lanes for public transport
  • Installation of an intelligent parking guidance system
  • Park & ride solutions for the network of large parking areas in the peripheral areas of the city
  • Implementation of a multimedia information system for citizens, spectators and public bodies
  • Comprehensive project planning and conceptual design including real-time monitoring, modelling, simulations, traffic forecasts, traffic lights centralization and management
  • Close cooperation with operative headquarters (e.g. organizing committee, police, etc.)


The implemented system is an upgraded traffic management system with modern cutting-edge technology suitable for the challenging transport demands during the Olympic Games with positive long-term effects for the overall traffic situation in Turin.