Hydrocarbon Thermoplastic

Durable pavement marking system

SWARCO's Hydrocarbon thermoplastic marking compound is manufactured according to state or municipal standards. It is a cost effective, versatile and durable pavement marking system. SWARCO's products are of highest standard, reliable and cost-efficient.

Available as extrude, spray, ribbon, and lead-free formulations.

Advantage safety

  • Superior reflection properties of up to 600+ mcd (white) and 400+ mcd (yellow)
  • High reflectivity even on wet surfaces
  • Audible and rumbling effect delineation

Advantage durability

Tests show superior product lifetimes of 8 and more years (1-2 years for conventional paint markings)

  • Reduced maintenance costs, longer lifetime and hence also less obstruction of traffic due to reapplication of markings

Advantage environment

  • Solids content 100%
  • Free from volatile organic compounds