Terminal optimization

DPA (Dynamic Platform Allocation)

Increasing numbers of passengers travelling with public transport lead to increasing numbers of buses in traffic. Expanding a centrally located bus terminal is almost impossible these days and therefore optimization is essential.

The LINARIA system has a function where gates for departing or arriving vehicles are allocated dynamically. This function, called DPA (Dynamic Platform Allocation), is completely automated. The system can handle a complete bus terminal with platform allocation using given parameters. The system automatically redirects delayed vehicles to free gates according to a given priority list and updates the presentation information on displays. Operators can override the automatic functionality in order to direct vehicles manually. This means that the traffic at a terminal can be optimised and gates can be used in a very efficient way.

Optimizing a terminal leads to better usage, less travel time for passengers and less driving time, which in turn reduces emissions.



    LINARIA, the well-established TimeTable system by SWARCO MIZAR.