Fleet Management

organising vehicle fleets

SWARCO offers various cutting-edge fleet management solutions that open up a wide range of possibilities to improve the quality and efficiency of public transport services:

  • Real-time vehicle tracking and location information
  • Real-time monitoring and visualization
  • Optimized fleet management and fleet utilization
  • High quality real-time passenger information services
  • Information services for drivers
  • Improved punctuality of bus/tram services
  • Selective or absolute priority at traffic lights
  • Performance statistics & off-line analysis
  • Equipment diagnostics and maintenance planning
  • Greater efficiency and reduced operational costs



    OMNIA is a high level software environment, that provides a homogeneous and user-friendly user interface for the operation of different traffic control and traffic management systems.


    The efficient way to manage your fleet.


    FLASHNET is SWARCO MIZAR’s Public Transport Management and Real-Time Passenger Information system, which is currently operating in more than fifty cities.


    ROADRUNNER is the state-of-the-art on-board unit generation with a user-friendly graphical interface.