Ultra-flat design with superior mechanical robustness

SWARCO, world leader in the development and production of traffic signal heads and LED-based Variable Message Signs (VMS), presents another example of its highly innovative and reliable solutions.

LANELIGHT in-pavement LED markers are the ideal solution for pedestrian crossings and dynamic delineation lane marking. SWARCO’s ultraflat road markers combine robust design and mechanical resistance with luminous excellence, flexible switch and flash mode, low energy-consumption and easy installation.


Featuring daytime-visible LEDs, sealed electronics, scratch-resistant lenses and stainless steel light heads, SWARCO’s Lanelights are durable, maintenance free and the ideal solution for dynamic delineation, lane guidance and pedestrian crossing warning applications. More signal impact and enhanced road safety is achieved when placing SWARCO’s Lanelights as complementary warning device at black spots such as critical intersections, zebra and level-crossings, narrow curves, highway ramps, tunnels and zones with frequent fog conditions.

  • Ultra-flat design with superior mechanical robustness
  • High luminance ratio and light intensity (> 100cd)
  • Perfect daytime visibility, immune to phantom light
  • BASt tests passed successfully
  • Dimming function – brightness adjustable
  • Cross-linked light sources for automatic light compensation in case of a single LED failure
  • Error detection
  • Snowploughable top made of stainless steel
  • Versions with mono- and bi-directional light output available
  • Special optic with wider beam for pedestrians available
  • Smaller version with a diameter of 110 mm available on request

SWARCO FUTURIT is the world’s no. 1 manufacturer of high quality traffic signals


Upper part: stainless steel
Lower part: aluminum, saltwater-resistant
Prism: scratch-resistant


Diameter: 150 mm

Highest elevated point

above road surface: 3 – 4 mm

Power supply

24 – 48 VDC

Power consumption

< 4 W

Light intensity


> 100 cd

Luminance ratio

Up to 1,000,000 cd/m²

Additional features

  • Dimming feature – continuously adjustable
  • Automatic light compensation in case of partial LED failure
  • Optional operation with solar power via external collector panel


1.8 kg


amber (standard); white, red, green, blue

and others on request


IP 68

BASt* tests

all tests passed

successfully – including:


*BASt = Bundesanstalt

für Straßenwesen, Germany

Pass-over test

300 kg wheel load;

200,000 pass-over cycles


Ball-drop test

steel-ball, 3 kg – drop from

1.35 m elevation


Vibration test

vertical/horizontal acceleration

of 10 g, frequency 20Hz to 100Hz,

duration: 20 minutes


Climate test

8 hours cooled down to - 20°C and

immediate heat up to + 50°C and

switch on; after operation for one

hour at + 50°C shock-cooling

with ice-water