Highway & Tunnel Systems

Complete systems for highway and tunnel management

SWARCO provides complete systems for highway and tunnel management, with integrated communication including LED variable message signs and displays, mechanical prismatic variable signs, and roadside outstations that integrate traffic counting equipment, weather stations, video surveillance equipment and automatic incident detection equipment.

SWARCO’s experience also makes us well qualified to provide services such as consultancy, advice and system design. Our competitive prices and reliable delivery of complete systems make us the chosen partner for traffic management and control systems.



    OMNIA is a high level software environment, that provides a homogeneous and user-friendly user interface for the operation of different traffic control and traffic management systems.


    Your first choice software to control VMS for Traffic Diversion and Collective Driver Information Systems over a complete Motorway network.

  • PRIMOS Central Software

    PRIMOS Central Software offers the right solution for all traffic applications.

  • Outstation PRIMOS MODULAR

    The right type of outstation for all traffic requirements.

  • HGV Parking

    With dynamic concepts, the HGV management by SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS makes its contribution to traffic safety.