Race track markings - Sebastian Vettel warming up already


On 12 October the first ever Formula 1 Grand Prix in Russia will take place. Millions of Russian Formula 1 fans are looking forward to the event. The video shows the four time world champion Sebastian Vettel driving a lap on the circuit in the course of a sponsorship event for a car manufacturer. He is obviously enjoying the race track with its high speed corners and technical sections. It is going to be a challenge for all formula 1 drivers and he is looking forward to the Grand Prix in October.

SWARCO delivered the race track markings for the Sotchi Circuit. SWARCO offers FIM (International Federation of Motorcycling) certified marking materials with optimum ant-skid properties and colour intensity. These were also used in Sotchi. The project was managed by the SWARCO Moscow office. The Russian road marking contractor Marker Ltd. from Krasnodar was responsible for the application.

A video showing Sebastian Vettel testing the curcuit can be found here.