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Schüler in Duisburg präsentieren erhellende Idee für Radwege, 06/20/2018

Abschnitt des „Grünen Pfades“ im Landschaftspark Nord leuchtet im Dunkeln – SWARCO ROAD MARKING SYSTEMS liefert spezielles Markierungsmaterial

Viele neue Erkenntnisse zur Straßenmarkierung gewonnen, 06/15/2018

Gruppe von VTS-Mitgliedern verschaffte sich bei Fortbildung einen Überblick über das komplette Sortiment der SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK

Airport markings – SWARCO meets all EASA requirements! , 05/11/2018

All special products of the ROAD MARKING SYSTEMS division already comply with the new, more stringent European regulations for enhanced safety on runways – making the division one of the trailblazer in this market segment.



Race course marking – Special material from the Lahn is highly esteemed on international circuits, 04/30/2018

SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK produces special mixture – Only four companies worldwide authorized from the global association

Testing: Guests apply virtual traffic signs, 03/28/2018

Many visitors attracted to the two booths of SWARCO Group at Intertraffic in Amsterdam – Complete range for markings and technical solutions presented

Games strengthened the sense of community, 03/14/2018

The staff of SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK enjoyed their company outing – Nearly no one wanted to miss the weekend trip

Over generations vocational training are in focus, 03/08/2018

In the SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK young people get a chance – Two apprenticeship places to occupy

Intertraffic – SWARCO is heading towards the biggest fair in Europe, 02/05/2018

Employees from the Division Road Marking Systems are pleased to meet a lot of customers in Amsterdam – Free entry ticket booking for the largest exhibition

After apprenticeship two young professionals like to stay , 02/02/2018

Laboratory technician David Herrmann and industrial clerk Jonas Orschel remain loyal to SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK after exam

Started as an apprentice and grown to general manager, 01/11/2018

Angelika Diels now working for 40 years in the SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK – 25 years ago appointed as managing director

Interim Tests successfully completed, 01/10/2018

Certification for the SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK perpetuated – Validity of Certificate extended for 2018

Standards are reviewed again and again, 01/04/2018

Improvements in the work process belong to the daily routine in the SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK – Certification is everywhere a topic

High Quality Management – One determined procedure for every workflow, 12/04/2017

SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK is a certified company for a long time – Externals check the standards yearly

Afterglow markings - Cycle path in Monheim am Rhein shines bright in the dark, 11/09/2017

Afterglow markings from the SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK for a safe cycle path – Pilot project was started together with the city of Monheim

Rumple strips marking to increase the attention, 10/19/2017

Pilot project between SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK and the regional authorities for road construction Brandenburg

With a Bavarian snack well into the weekend, 10/13/2017

The staff of the SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK had a get together for the yearly Oktoberfest – Traditional dishes served

Production flow experienced in a quick walkthrough, 09/29/2017

Members of the Association of Construction and Transportation Engineers from Güstrow in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern visited the SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK – Experts asked a lot of interesting questions

Adjusted to hazardous material from packing to transport, 09/20/2017

For bottling and dispatch of dangerous goods everybody have to follow current regulations – In the SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK all persons involved in this work have to pay attention to the special instructions – Yearly the employees get trained again

Adjusted to hazardous substances from supply to production, 09/05/2017

At the factory premises of SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK in Diez you have to stick to special rules in every department

Since youthful days interested in chemistry, 09/04/2017

Nils Üdelhoven started his professional education at the SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK in Diez –
The young man made his decision as a result of the positive image of the company in the region

Slow down in roadwork zones! For your own safety and for the safety of the roadworkers, 07/25/2017

Road marking contractors and people working in roadwork zone safety often live a dangerous life. Time and again SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK staff returns from on-site visits of their customers to report their complaints about reckless driving behaviour.

Project against wrong way driver, 07/21/2017

Rumble strips - wrong way driver - effective prevention against wrong way drivers

Knowledge for the customs transactions polished up and deepened, 07/03/2017

Employees from the SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK improve themselves

Look out to the future of traffic – Colleagues of the SWARCO ROAD MARKING SYSTEMS DIVISION visited the USA, 06/06/2017

What is about the traffic of the future? How will it work? Which innovation is necessary to be prepared for the new generation of traffic?

No delivery without a quality check!, 05/18/2017

The high season started at SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK for production of road marking material – Quality check for 3521 batches in 2016

SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK steps on a new ground – For the first time a working student is employed, 04/10/2017

Kevin Wenzel gets with this pilot project a professional promotion and the company in Diez gives him a good view for the future

SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK GmbH intensified contact to SWARCO Vicas – Colleagues from Romania visited the location in Diez , 03/23/2017

One of the goals of SWARCO is to reach a very high knowledge and quality standard in all companies.

SWARCO Road Marking Systems Division exhibited in Cologne, 03/17/2017

SWARCO Group has presented its ROAD MARKING SYSTEMS division at the DeuSAT, the street equipment day, in the Congress-Centrum East in Cologne.

Education – Ronny Wiessner abide after his assessment with SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK GmbH – test as chemist exist, 03/14/2017

Education – Ronny Wiessner abide after his assessment with SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK GmbH – test as chemist exist

SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK GmbH – Company excursion as a teambuilding measure – common weekend in Attendorn to strengthen the team spirit, 03/14/2017

SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK GmbH – Company excursion as a teambuilding measure – common weekend in Attendorn to strengthen the team spirit

The employees of the SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK GmbH enjoyed a weekend together in Attendorn/Sauerland.

Electricity station – roller plastic and Eurotherm – Setting up a new electricity station, 02/22/2017

The electro mobility is growing. So to refill the cars there must be enough electricity station available. On the pictures you can see a project of SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK GmbH.

SWARCO Academy – Road Marking Systems Division – First Modul in Diez , 02/21/2017

The SWARCO-Academy is a group wide basis to share and build on know-how. For the Road Marking Systems Division a new round started.

AFTERGLOW MARKING – AFTERGLOWING PATH – Increase safety on cycling trails, 01/01/2017

This project of the SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK GmbH is the solution for the city “Spremberg” in Germany.

LIMBOFROST – THERMOCHROME SYSTEM – Project „SCHWARZE PUMPE“ to alert against sleekness, 12/01/2016

With the new snowflake near “SCHWARZE PUMPE” in Germany the goal is to alert driver against sleekness.


To celebrate the excellent results, the chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) in Koblenz invited the best apprentices. Also invited was Kevin Wenzel. He graduated at the SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK GmbH in Diez/Lahn.

RUMBLE STRIPS – Improvement of traffic safety – Excessive speed is a big hazard potential, 10/12/2016

Rumble strips to increase attention and to slow down the speed. This is the main goal to reach with rumble strips. An important goal which also shows the accident statistics of 2015:

Rumble strips – Mission against accidents, 08/16/2016

The Country Accident Commission and the Transport Accident Commission of Zwickau/Germany visited a part of the road B173 / S293. At this deflection they noticed some safety mistakes.

Rumble strips – effective against accidents and increased attention, 07/20/2016

The main reason to use rumble strips is to increase the attention and to reduce the rate of accidents.

Paving Mortar – cross walk – Create a cross walk on pavement, 07/20/2016

This project is established in Sofia Bulgaria with material from SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK GmbH. The target was to create a cross walk on a pavement underground.

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016, 04/27/2016

The Road Marking System companies of the SWARCO Group impressed at Intertraffic Amsterdam

UV active paint – Different areas to use are possible, 04/19/2016

The effect is only visible under UV light (blacklights). Under normal day light condition for the human eyes it is not possible to see the color effect.

Afterglow marking - Project „Afterglowing path“ , 04/19/2016

In further news we reported about the “Afterglowing path” project. Now it is possible to watch a very interesting video about this project.

LIMBOFROST – accident prevention with a thermochromics paint system , 04/19/2016

The innovative thermochromic system is created as an effective prevention in case of slickness. The main idea is to inform and warn the road users with intelligent markings.

Afterglow marking - Project „Afterglowing path“ bicycle lane Leuthen, Spree-Neiße area , 02/25/2016

To make a bicycle-road section of 500 meter more visible and saver for bikers by dawn / darkness we started together with the administrative district Spree-Neiße our project “Afterglowing path”.

LIMBOPLAST for rumble Strip calming of vulnerable sections in Bad Essen, 02/25/2016

LIMBOPLAST for rumble strip is a special developed cold plastic material for stable, durable, acoustic, haptic and optical markings for traffic, calming of vulnerable sections (as in curves with an increased risk of accidents).

Afterglow markings for marking escape routes in car parks , 02/25/2016

2-Comp. Afterglow paint for marking escape routes in car parks

Area markings – bike lane markings – Coldplastic D485 for area markings with Bauxit – Project for a higher adhesion and protection of bicycle rider, 08/28/2015

SWARCO Limburger Lackfabrik GmbH has a second project in Rostock/Germany with Coldplastic D485 for area markings.

Area markings – Coldplastic D485 area with bauxite – Project for higher adhesion and lower slip hazard, 08/28/2015

New project in Switzerland of SWARCO Limburger Lackfabrik GmbH. Target was to reach a higher adhesion and lower slip hazard at a company access road.

Afterglow markings - protecting of dangerous points at night, 08/05/2015

A traffic roundabout can be very dangerous at night if noticed too late and due to inappropriate speed.

Crosswalk - roller plastic - textured plastic - pilot project to reduce soiling, 08/04/2015

Many road markings have the problem of soiling, especially in cities or warm regions.

Rumble strips - wrong way driver - effective prevention against wrong way drivers, 08/03/2015

Unfortunately, the number of wrong-way drivers has risen over the past years. A new report about that problem is published in the DSGS-newsletter.

Afterglow markings - for safety guidance, 07/07/2015

Afterglow markings of SWARCO Limburger Lackfarbrik GmbH is deployed in a project in Hamburg/Germany.

Design markings - for children in Bulgaria, 07/06/2015

In cooperation with SWARCO Bulgaria, SWARCO Limburger Lackfabrik GmbH delivered material for a playground.

Textured plastic - for safer rail crossings, 07/05/2015

SWARCO Limburger Lackfabrik GmbH friction plastic is very versatile.

Rumble strips - increased attention, 06/17/2015

Next Project with rumble strips from SWARCO Limburger Lackfabrik GmbH. The dangerous place is a “normal” curve.

Crosswalk - Enhanced safety for pedestrians, 06/17/2015

In the year, 1952 the first crosswalk was applied in Germany. Since 1964, it is a law in the road traffic regulations.

Rumble strips - IKEA increased attention, 06/16/2015

Here is a project with rumble strips in front of an IKEA-store. The target was to increase the attention of all drivers.

Paving Mortar - the solution for paving areas, 06/15/2015

It isn´t possible to do road marking in paving areas. For this special area, you can use the 2K Paving Mortar from SWARCO Limburger Lackfabrik GmbH.

Design marking - Beautify the environment, 04/29/2015

The design marking material is a good possibility of being creative. This you can see on the pictures of different projects from the SWARCO Limburger Lackfabrik GmbH.

Guidance system - Road marking in special areas, 04/29/2015

Stairs with a bad overview may be a tipping hazard. On the enclosed pictures, the 2-K paint LIMBOROUTE K809 is used to deactivate this tipping hazard.

Factory/Warehouse and Car Park Markings - Guidance system for industrial halls, parking garages and parking lots, 04/29/2015

The degree of complexity is growing in the logistics industry. In case of this matter a guidance system is very important. Some of these projects you can see on the enclosed pictures.

Road repair - Potholes - a huge problem, 04/29/2015

Humidity and deep temperatures are big problems for a street in the winter. This is the cause of potholes. SWARCO Limburger Lackfabrik GmbH comes up with a solution for this problem.

Bike lane markings - Avoid accidents , 04/28/2015

Bicycling is healthy and environmentally friendly. Furthermore is it cost saving and a trend in our society. More than 70 Million bicycles are in Germany.

Design Markings in the Netherlands, 01/29/2015

The whole area was painted with LIMBOROUTE K815 for bike lanes. SOLIDPLUS30 was used as drop-on material.

Rumble strips to increase traffic safety, 01/28/2015

Various projects including rumble strips since 2010.

Rumble Strips – Accident Prevention at Dangerous Road Sections, 01/28/2015

Blind corners are often misjudged. Rumble strips can reduce this problem.

Rumble Strips - Effective Accident Prevention, 12/16/2014

Every year numerous accidents are caused by micro-sleep and subsequent running off the road.

Rumble strips - safer roads, 12/16/2014

Rumble strips to increase driver attention at danger spots and markings to help prevent wrong-way driving!

Afterglow markings for cycle paths, 12/01/2014

Afterglow system reduces accident risk at dangerous corner of the Aar cycle path.

Afterglow markings – let there be light!, 12/01/2014

For more safety and energy efficiency.


Safely en route on European 3-lane roads.