Surface Sealing

The UV-clear varnish is applied as a transparent coating to improve surface properties of excisting markings. The soiling tendency is reduced. The UV-clear varnish products enhance the expected useful life for non UV-stable markings.

Depending on mechanical impacts different products can be chosen:

- 1-comp. – or waterbased UV-clear varnish for low traffic impact (e.g. pedestrians) or

- 2-comp. UV clear varnish for facilities with more mechanical stress (e.g. industrial floors or car parks).

2-comp. pigmented varnish suitable for realizing decorative designs of concrete surfaces and for avoiding soiling effects also for easier concrete cleaning properties.


Technical Information

1-comp. UV-Clear Varnish

2-comp. UV-Clear Varnish

2-comp. Coating pigmented

Waterborne UV-Clear Varnish