About us

SWARCO ITS: SWARCO's central contact for traffic management equipment in China.

SWARCO INTELLIGENT TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM EQUIPMENT (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. (SITS) is a supplier of sophisticated intelligent traffic management systems and products. The company is one of the pioneers in this field in China and has successfully completed projects for motorways and tunnels. Over the years, the products have not only been manufactured in China, but also developed by the company's own development team. Products like the variable message sign "MATRIX" and the motorway monitoring software "DRIVE" are state-of-the-art and trend-setting. Increasing sales figures confirm our strategy and evidence our quality and reputation.

Only recently, SWARCO ITS has started to market interurban traffic management systems taking into account the local specific requirements and traffic volumes. The development of the systems is done in close cooperation with experts of leading universities in China. Our staff, consisting of experienced local experts, is one of the most important factors in our success.

SWARCO ITS is located in Shanghai, close to the national airport Hongqiao, one of China's major hubs.