Respecting the Rules

Responsible corporate governance is very important to SWARCO. To achieve this, the management and control of the corporation aims at creating a working environment which promotes integrity, respect and responsible behaviour, in order to create enduring values.

This commitment is the foundation for the good reputation of our corporation and essentially contributes to ensuring its long-term success. The basis for this are binding guidelines and clear rules which rest upon SWARCO's Code of Conduct. In order to underline this attitude, SWARCO offers with the Compliance Office not only its employees, but also its customers, suppliers and other business partners a contact point that accepts and processes complaints and information on questionable or alleged breaches of legal regulations, in particular unlawful behaviour, or internal rules (e.g. Code of Conduct).

Employees and third parties have the option to also hint anonymously at unrighteous behaviour.
The Compliance Office will guarantee a confidential treatment in any case.

You can reach the Compliance Office at the following address:

SWARCO Compliance Office
Blattenwaldweg 8
A-6112 Wattens
T. +43-5224-5877-62