SWARCO Limburger Lackfabrik GMBH

Germany's no. 1 producer of liquid road marking materials

SWARCO Limburger Lackfabrik GMBH
Robert-Bosch-Str. 17
65582 Diez, Germany
T. +49-6432-9184-0
F. +49-6432-9184-18



About SWARCO Limburger Lackfabrik GMBH

Germany's no. 1 manufacturer of liquid road marking materials and special systems.

SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK GmbH is the largest road marking material manufacturer in Germany. In 1997 the new production plant, sales and R&D departments were modernized and relocated to Limburg's neighboring town of Diez / Germany.

Our product lines include one and two-component paints, cold plastic and thermoplastic materials, thinner, tack glue, foils, acrylic varnish, as well as fluorescent and luminous paints. SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK also exports to more than 30 countries throughout Europe and the Middle East.

In order to maintain SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK's leadership in the road marking materials industry, we continuously strive to meet the needs and requirements of both our customers and government regulations. A dedicated research & development team of technicians and chemists, in close cooperation with our marketing and sales departments, puts their expertise to work in order to develop new products and applications. SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK's state-of-the-art production facilities guarantee high quality products manufactured according to the guiding principles of excellent performance, environmental protection, work safety and economy.