SWARCO Finland has 15 highly qualified and motivated employees, who together with their Nordic colleagues represent a very competent and strong organization. The company's main focus is in sales, projects and services – with emphasis on proximity to the market and customer needs. SWARCO Finland is based in Espoo.

“SWARCO Finland has a long experience in the ITS industry of which we are especially pleased. The time has also allowed a establishing of a solid business and the emergence of a competence center serving Finnish customers. We will continue our story by adding speed and constantly new ideas to it. We believe that reform is needed now more in Finland as never before, and it is the responsibility of all of us. That's why we invite you to join us to see things in a new way, to do things in a new way, and to develop the competitiveness of Finland with SWARCO's solutions.”

Jonni Arrakoski
Managing Director
SWARCO Finland Oy