Coloured Traffic Signs & Symbols

A real alternative to vertical traffic signs

In addition to the standard black & white markings we manufacture any sign and any design to any size requested in whatever colour scheme required.

Road markings ensure the driver is not distracted from the road by vertical signs.

There are many types of quick and cost effective markings therefore you should choose the right one - EUROTHERM

  • quick and easy application with a standard propane torch
  • no special equipment required
  • high durability in all climatic conditions
  • highly resistant to snow, ice, salt and oil suitable for all road surfaces and traffic conditions
  • 30% premixed glass beads in approx. 2,5 mm thick material layer for high retroreflection during the life time
  • special Drop-On-Material* on the surface for higher retroreflection and skid resistance
  • no toxic substances in the material, totally lead free - we only use organic pigments
  • quick drying time
  • excellent self-cleaning properties

(*) Swarco P21, 100-800µ, inkl. 20% Megalux®

EUROTHERM standard RAL colours (special colours on request)


To apply the markings all you need is a propane torch, a broom and a piece of chalk. However, as in the application of all materials, the surface must be as clean as possible and free of moisture, oil, dust etc.


Decide how and where the symbol has to be fixed, using the chalk if required, and preheat the surface if it is damp or very cold.


Remove the protective film and place the pieces on the road surface to obtain the required design. Try to place the sections as closely as possible but small gaps up to 5 mm are acceptable as the material will melt together during heating.


Carefully heat the marking until the material starts to melt and bubble. However, continually move the torch over the marking to prevent burning, distortion or discoloration. If the application requires additional coating please note that each coat must be applied and heated separately.


Once correctly applied the material will be firmly attached to the road surface and will accept vehicular traffic within a few minutes.




If the road surface is damp, please ensure the area to be treated is thoroughly dried before application.


Occasionally the application of a primer is recommended, for instance if the road surface has been dried (as described above) or if the surface is in poor condition. Europrem-primer always has to be used for applying on concrete surface.


The adhesion quality can be tested by using a sharp object after the material has cooled.


The effect can be striking.


Eurotherm primer

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