Official Rules of Participation in the Sweepstake

You have the opportunity to participate in the sweepstake until 12.00 p.m. on 23-11-2017. The winners will be drawn by a random number generator and announced on our Facebook page on 24-11-2017. The sweepstake will not be sponsored or supported by Facebook in any form whatsoever.


Official rules of participation:

  1. SWARCO AG is the organiser of the sweepstake. If you have questions regarding the sweepstake, please contact or, respectively, 0043-5224-5877-0.
  2. The sweepstake is not connected with Facebook and will not be sponsored, supported or organised by Facebook in any form whatsoever.
  3. Only participants with a minimum age of 14 years who comply with our sweepstake requirements (liking, sharing, commenting) shall have the right to participate in the sweepstake.
  4. By participating in the sweepstake, the participant accepts the official rules of the sweepstake and thereby agrees to fulfil the participation conditions. Moreover, the participant agrees to accept the decision of SWARCO AG in connection with the sweepstake as final and binding.
  5. The participation in the sweepstake is possible from 17-11-2017 until 23-11-2017 at 12.00 p.m.
  6. Only participants who fulfil all conditions of the sweepstake shall have the right to participate in the sweepstake and shall have the chance to win. Incomplete participations as well as participations violating the sweepstake rules are excluded by SWARCO AG from the drawing of the winner.
  7. Three winners will be drawn. Two participants have the opportunity to win two SWARCO Advent calendar. One participant has the opportunity to win a SWARCO Advent wreath.
  8. The winners will be drawn by a randon number generator on 24-11-2017.
  9. The winners will be informed on 24-11-2017 by a message on Facebook and asked for their address for the delivery of the goodie bags. The winners will then be mentioned on the timeline of the Facebook page of the SWARCO Group.
  10. The wins will be sent to the winners to the address announced by them.
  11. SWARCO AG does not assume any liability if messages cannot be delivered due to spam, junk mails or other security settings or due to the false indication of contact data by the participant.
  12. If the winner cannot be contacted or does not fulfil all participation criteria or does not provide the necessary contact information on time, the price shall become forfeited.
  13. Data protection: Information published in connection with the sweepstake on Facebook or provided to SWARCO AG shall not be disclosed to third parties.
  14. Any recourse to courts of law shall be excluded. Prices may not be redeemed in cash.