Rumble strips

Warning against danger spots

Rumble strips are road marking elements that are installed transverse to the road. The applied thick layer marking, e.g. LIMBOPLAST D480 coldplastic, which is interspersed with SWARCO SOLIDPLUS glass beads for improved night visibility, creates a grooved or sawtooth profile with a thickness of about 1 cm. Using yellow for the first striping, which is usually wider than he subsequent ones, enhances daytime visibility. Additional narrower stripings add to the haptic effect.

The rumbling increases the attention of the driver and thus represents an economical and effective means of warning against danger spots. The effect of rumbling strips was researched by the the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt). The results confirm the warning effect and BASt recommends the use of rumbling strips for dangerous curves and junctions as well as accident hot spots.