LED Variable Message Signs


SWARCO FUTURIT is the leading European supplier of high quality Variable Message Signs (VMS) for traffic guidance and information purposes. SWARCO FUTURIT’s VMS constitute the Cutting-edge of optical quality in signalisation and are used worldwide for dynamic traffic management on highways, traffic guidance in urban areas, lane control ahead of tunnels and lane assignment inside tunnels. Parking lot guidance, traffic calming, improved safety and warning of upcoming hazards and black spots, and toll stations are additional applications of SWARCO FUTURIT’s VMS.


SWARCO FUTURIT’s VMS are certified by Notified Bodies BASt and INTRON according to the requirements of EN12966 and provide brilliant legibility, efficient use of energy and an excellent luminance ratio. Our patented lens technology enables the fitting of the optical lens directly in the matrix plate – there is no need for a distorting front screen. Our unique optical design avoids the problems Associated with reflections. Even at low sun position (5°) the luminance ratio meeting the highest requirement classes guarantees best legibility. Derived from our customers’ needs and applications, the different VMS types can be classified as follows:

  • Limited programmable VMS with predefined number of aspects – optionally combined with flashers and alphanumerical text sections
  • Freely programmable VMS with full LED graphics
  • Dynamic Route Information Panels (DRIPs) using monochrome, multi-colour or RGB and freely programmable LED matrix
  • Lane control signals
  • Combined signals


Highway/expressway – traffic management

  • Limited VMS (speed indication, general warning)
  • Freely programmable combined VMS (route/rerouting information, warning)


  • Limited VMS (vehicle category, general warning)
  • Lane Control Sign (lane indication)
  • Freely programmable text lines (toll rate, special information)


  • Limited VMS (speed indication, general warning, height limitations)
  • Lane Control Sign (lane indication)
  • Freely programmable graphic info signs at tunnel entry & emergency bay (warning, information)


  • Limited VMS (vehicle category, weight and height limitations, speed, weather & wind warning, general warning)
  • Lane Control Sign (lane indication)
  • Freely programmable text lines (special information)

  • worldwide integration in traffic management systems using different interfaces and protocols for control and data exchange
  • The patented LED optical system:
    - provides highest optical performance
    - directs the LED light to where it is needed
    - allows a 90% reduction of LED forward current, maintaining all optical requirements during the whole life cycle of
    the variable message sign, therefore increased availability and lowest energy consumption
  • all LEDs are continuously monitored, even when they are off; LED status will be reported to the traffic center or to a local control
  • conformity to EN 12966: more than 100 class-combinations of different color, luminosity, contrast, beam width, pixel pitch, LEDs, forward current, etc. have been tested and certified by SGS/INTRON
  • a wide range of pixel pitch options from 12 mm to 35 mm, fitting to any application
  • the onboard operating system of the variable message sign provides permanent diagnosis and reports any error status to the central system
  • full traceability of all used assemblies in the internal data base
  • a pulse width modulated constant current at a very low level increases LED life time and avoids ageing effects and luminosity losses
  • use of cutting edge LED technology: only highest quality LEDs from renowned manufacturers are used
  • higher resolution by small pixel pitch (12mm with RGB) fulfilling strongest EN 12966 requirements (including contrast)
  • quick and easy replacement of parts without use of tools
  • reliable power supply for LED displays and controller
  • optimized stability by proven construction
  • low weight by weight-saving construction using non-corrosive aluminum or stainless steel reduces costs of structural system
  • attractive and modern design
  • adaptable to different ambient light conditions
  • integrated sensors for temperature and light

Light source

High Power LEDs


Aluminium profile, modular design principle in seawater-proof aluminium AlMg3 or stainless steel (V4A, 1.4571)

Protection class

P1, P2, P3, drainage and ventilation holes IP54

Temperature classes

T1 (-15 - +60°C) / T2 (-25 - +55°C) / T3 (-40 - +40°C)

Humidity range

20 – 95% rel. humidity


  • Embedded controller designed for industrial temperature range: -40 to +85 °C
  • Integrated fast access solid state data memory
  • High speed picture interface using latest type of Dual port RAM and FPGA technology
  • Number of colours: mono, bicoloured, 3, 5, 256 colours
  • Max. picture rate 20 frames/second


  • RS485/RS422 interfaces, interface for Profibus©, Profinet, Canbus, Ethernet IP, WLAN and future interfaces
  • TCP/IP connection via RJ45
  • digital inputs
  • digital and analogue sensors

Mounting options


Pipe clamps

Other constructions on request



FUTURITCOM 2 via Profibus

TLS 2002 / 2012



others on request


The optical equipment fits tightly into the matrix.

Contrast ratio up to 25, even at low sun position <10°

Pixel pitch

(freely programmable VMS)

16 / 20 / 25 / 30 mm

Light distribution

For all VMS, distribution classes from B1 to B6 can be fulfilled with the highest luminance class L3* and luminance ratio R3 for various element spacings


anodised aluminium – avoiding the front screen is our standard

Power supply

80-230 VAC

12 - 48 VDC

others on request

Maintenance access

Easy maintenance access

Doors on the rear side of the VMS or also front side of sizes up to 2x1.5m (depending on sign type) are possible


Compliance with EN12966

CE certification by Notified Body INTRON