High performance with LED technology

SWARCO FUTURIT develops in cooperation with Thales Austria GmbH the portfolio of LED Railway
Signals. SWARCO FUTURIT brings 15 years experience in LED technology from the traffic industry to the rail industry and is responsible for mechanics, optical performance and the manufacture of the railway LED modules. Thales Austria constructs the interlocking systems and assures an optimal integration of the railway signals.

RAILED is mechanical and electrical compatible with existing incandescent bulb technology. This allows the replacement of old signals independently of the type of interlocking system. The optimized cooling system keeps LED temperatures low.

  • modular construction design
  • available in Ø 130 / 210 mm
  • available in signal colours red, yellow, green, white and blue at DIN 6163 part 4
  • life cycle 15 years
  • IP65 according EN60529
  • security certificate SIL4 (EN50129)
  • Retrofit for 20 watt and 35 watt incandescent bulbs
  • easy adjustment


lens: UV-stabilized polycarbonate

housing: casted aluminium

powder-coated (corrosion resistant)

IP65 according EN60529

Lens diameter

130, 210 mm

Power consumption

20 / 35 watt


Day: 11V to 13,3V (AC)

Night: 6,5V to 9V (AC)



210 mm

130 mm

day voltage

900 - 2700 cd

320 - 1000 cd

night voltage

115 - 350 cd

60 - 120 cd


horizontal angle +/- 12° (good low distance visibility)

phantomlight >50

colour red, yellow, green, white, blue

DIN6163/part 4


operation temperature range: -25° up to +40°

life cycle 15 years