Parking guidance

On the background of a growing urban population the utilization of space in cities is getting more and more difficult. Therefore it is important to make sure that available parking areas are utilized in the best possible way.

SWARCO has the technology to solve the challenges faced by municipalities and parking operators. Our solutions are in use at shopping malls, hospitals, car parks in cities, at airports – in short, wherever there is a need for a high quality parking solution that ensures better utilization of existing parking spaces, excellent customer experience, environmental friendliness and economic efficiency.


  • Car park guidance

    Parking guidance for car-parks provides immediate directions to an available parking space within the facility and reduces search traffic and emissions inside your garage.

  • City-wide guidance

    City-wide parking guidance systems show drivers the way to the nearest available parking space.

  • Integrated Information

    Technology that informs, guides and provides traffic and timetable information wherever you need it!

  • Signage

    A complete range of static and variable signs for parking information and guidance, designed to individual specifications.

  • Vehicle counting & detection systems

    SWARCO offers the most suitable vehicle counting and detection technology depending on the site conditions, traffic behaviour, and other environmental factors.