Marking systems for parking


For over four decades SWARCO has been one of the leading producers and suppliers of high quality marking systems for outdoor and indoor use. SWARCO offers the full range of road marking materials and reflective glass beads to form marking systems with excellent retroreflectivity on streets and motorways around the globe. Moreover the group has substantial know-how in the actual application of the systems.

SWARCO offers a number of marking systems especially designed to identify parking spaces at outdoor car parks and in parking houses. Clear guidance with white or coloured markings is essential for driver orientation and vehicle order at parking facilities. Our systems are composed to be dirt-repellent. The formulations were trimmed to fit the various flooring needs in car parks.

For safety in parking houses and good orientation in case of emergeny like fire or power outage, SWARCO offers so-called afterglow marking systems that contain pigments which are incited by external light sources and then continue to glow for a certain period of time once the light source is no longer on.

Our customers can choose among the following products:

  • 2-component paint K 809
  • Acrylic paint for indoor use
  • LimboClearLine paint
  • H 145 indoor coldplastic
  • 1-component afterglow paint system
  • 2-component afterglow paint system
  • 2-component afterglow coldplastic
  • Afterglow dispersion system
  • Preformed thermoplastic for instant markings

For more detailed information and consultancy please contact our German manufacturer SWARCO LIMBURGER LACKFABRIK GmbH, T. +49-6432-9184-0, E.