INTERTRAFFIC: Interview with Frank Maier, SWARCO Solution Manager for Highway and Tunnel Systems


Frank Maier is a member of the SWARCO Innovation Office and responsible for the highway and tunnel sector.

SWARCO: What distinguishes SWARCO from its competitors in your market sector?

Frank Maier: SWARCO has long standing experience in software development for traffic management. We are very active in R&D and have our own extensive range of products. We have sales and service companies all over the world.

SWARCO: How do current developments like connected and autonomous vehicles affect your business area?

Frank Maier: These developments will have a big impact in our business, not only because investment in infrastructure hardware like VMS, gantries or outstations will decrease.

OEMs are pushing the autonomous vehicles, but the business cases are still being evaluated. Furthermore, legal and even ethical aspects are under discussion. Seemingly simple questions like who is responsible in case of an accident need to be answered.

Autonomous driving will first take place on motorways and we want to be part of this process but we are monitoring all trends and new developments and have to evaluate any participation or investment on a regular basis. But one thing is for sure: we live in very exciting times.

SWARCO: Are you involved in any EU research projects beyond SWARCO's own in-house projects?

Frank Maier: I am involved in the ECO-AT project which is part of the European corridor program. We are developing and testing a cooperative system for road works warning applications.

SWARCO: What are the current challenges in your field and how will you tackle them?

Frank Maier: We still have a big potential to further improve our competitiveness in the global market. We are further harmonizing the SWARCO product portfolio by improving our common system architecture and interfaces to be able to meet the market requirements of the future.

SWARCO: What is your vision for the market sector you represent?

Frank Maier: SWARCO will be a global system supplier and integrator using its own products and new technologies for Floating Car Data (FCD), Big Data, and many more.