SUZUKI is a well known manufacturer of cars and motorbikes.Together with the parent corporation the European branch the goal was to better communicate the companies high quality products and the young company image.

This was done successfully, as SUZUKI stands for dynamic and appealing design – an image well represented in their advertising. The selected logos and classy pole signs support this image at the point of sale. Already back in 2001 DAMBACH delivered SUZUKI outdoor CD elements in Germany and other countries. Since 2004 we also supply new CD elements to to SUZUKI automotive and motorbike.

Another highlight of our long-standing partnership with SUZUKI is the extension of our cooperation regarding indoor elements. This creates a coherent customer presentation. A motorbike on a designed platform is far more effective than placing it on the floor.

The products now range from outdoor signage to CD elements in the sales rooms, thanks to DAMBACH's convincing performance. We are proud to accompany SUZUKI on their path of success and say thank you for the good cooperation.