EnBW, one of Germany's leading energy providers, sets new impulses with a new corporate design. The idea was born in the spring of 2005.

Together with the design agency Identis from Freiburg, DAMBACH developed the new logo of EnBW. The developing phase was characterized by constant improvement and realization of the suggestions of the agency. Different shapes and illumination methods were considered to find the optimum logo. After one and a half year of creative input and tests in our light laboratory the new logo was finally born. The now well-known blue lettering with the yellow line conveys dynamics and voltage.

When the concept of the new visual identity was finished the logical consequence was to actually implement it. DAMBACH was commissioned to equip the company's headquarters in Karlsruhe. With a length of 9.75 m and a height of 4 m the installation of the turning logo on top of the headquarter building was a real challenge. During the actual installation the traffic had to be diverted to guarantee a safe installation.

The coordination of the different partners and the adherence to strict regulations made this project even more interesting. We are proud that the project was completed successfully and a big thank you goes to all people involved in the realisation.