LBBW becomes BW|Bank

Landesbank Baden-Württemberg set the target of reorganising their sales department and to display their customer proximity with the introduction of a new commercial bank which led to the foundation of the new BW|Bank.

The challenging task included the replacement of the branding of 203 branch banks. DAMBACH was chosen as partner for the realisation of the new outdoor brand elements. Within 8 months all 203 banks had to be completed. Up to 8 installation teams worked on the project to get the job done in such a short period of time. Planning, creation of prototypes and commissioning had reduced the time frame for the actual installation to 6 months.

Besides the production of new CD elements existing ones were dismantled and converted to the new design in our plant in Gaggenau. The"old" housings were reused and equipped with new components. Adopting the "old" constructions to the new requirements resulted in considerable cost-savings for our customer and in addition had a positive impact on the environment.

In recent years some elements were optimized regarding technology and light source (LED).