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As the world's largest manufacturer of traffic signals SWARCO has extensive experience in optical signalling. Our product portofolio includes dynamic road information including Variable Message Signs (VMS), signal control of intersections, railway signals and LED-based street lights. All systems make use of LED technology with an extremely long life-cycle, using as little as a tenth of the energy compared to some of the conventional light sources still in use today.

Numerous cities and highways in Europe and elsewhere are equipped qith SWARCO LED based products to reduce emissions and save money.



    LED street lighting can be integrated with traffic controllers and get the maximum in reduction of energy consumption for street lighting without going on compromises with lower light level in high traffic intensity periods.


    Dynamic road marking improves safety for road users by preventing critical incidents and by providing protection in the case of an accident.

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    Here you will find a full overview of our street lighting products, and with the recommended usage.