Southern Danish municipalities save millions, investing in LED-streetlights


Sønderborg lighting with Lunia

In just one year it is absolutely no need to import and produce mercury light sources, which represent over a third of street lighting in the Danish municipalities. This is the result of a new EU directive, that will be in action at the end of 2015. It has pushed forward innovation of new and more modern light sources.

Millions to save in better lighting
Kolding Municipality is one of the municipalities that are early, replacing old street lights. The municipality plans to switch 70% of all street lights into LED over the next four years.

"We believe that the time has come to replace lighting into LED lighting. First, it means that we halve the municipality's energy spending on street lighting, and partly it means better lighting and safety for road users on the most congested ring roads", says Kim Bauenhøj that is responsible for lighting in Kolding.

Today, Kolding Municipality uses about five million kilowatt hours annually, or the equivalent of almost ten million DKK. After the replacement Kim Bauenhøj estimates that the amount will be almost halved to 2.6 million kilowatt hours annually. And with a price of nearly two dollars per kilowatt hour, it is not hard to figure out that it is good business for the municipality to switch to LED.


Climate and economy go hand in hand
Over the next four years Sønderborg will change 13,000 existing street lamps with LED lamps. It is part of the municipality's goal of being CO2 neutral in year 2029.

"The street lighting contributes a large part of the energy consumption of CO2. By switching to LED, we can reduce energy consumption by over a third, or the equivalent of 300 homes' annual electricity consumption, "says Ms. Buus Jensen, Technical Designer of Roads and Traffic in Sønderborg.

"We also expect large savings in operation and maintenance in the municipality because of the durability of LED lighting. The new system allows us among other things, the ability to dim the lights 50% during night hours instead of turning off the lights completely, as is the case today", she explains.


Save energy without lower security
The LED manufacturer Swarco supplies the new lighting to Sønderborg and all ring roads in Kolding. According to the product manager in Swarco, Lars Kjaer, the large energy savings does not lead to less lighting on the roads. On the contrary.

"LED is white light and are similar to daylight. It gives drivers the feeling that the road is more illuminated. A control system which are also installed, makes it possible to change the brightness at times of high traffic. It provides greater safety and security of the citizens, "says Lars Kjær.

He estimates that the two municipalities' investment in Swarcos LED lighting will be repayed within 8-10 years. Today, most municipalities save from 50-70% percent of energy depending on the existing light source.

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