Rapid Charge (DC)

Rapid (DC) chargers from the eVolt range offer the fastest way of charging today’s electric vehicles. With output power of 50kW, charging a vehicle takes between 20 and 30 minutes.

Catering for the requirements of all types of electric vehicles, the range includes multiple combinations that can be 50kW DC CHAdeMO, 50kW DC Combo 2 or 43kW AC, again with options for units with either single, dual and triple ports.

The equipment is easy to use and complies with rapid charging protocols (CHAdeMO and CCS Combo).

Communication with the back office system is provided by a 3G modem or Ethernet cable and will provide detailed information on charging history, along with remote diagnostic and repair capabilities.


  • Advanced Rapid (DC)

    Innovative unique design with separate power module and user interface post, enabling a rapid charger to be installed in areas where space is restricted.

  • Compact Rapid (DC)

    An all in one solution, with power module housed within main unit. Chargers are equipped with dual technology allowing simultaneous charging in DC and AC.

  • Raption 50 Rapid (DC)

    The slim line all in one solution, equipped with dual technology and option to incorporate a large digital advertising display.

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