The Customer Journey

Entering the car park

ANPR Cameras log each vehicle registration as it enters or exits the car park. Veri-park systems are usually set up to be barrier-less, but if required, barriers can be added.

Veri-park can supply an optional ‘VMS’ board (Variable Message Sign), positioned at the entry point of the car park, which displays the vehicle number plate and the current time as vehicles drive into the car park.

The VMS board acts as a reminder to arriving vehicles that an ANPR camera based parking system is in place and for those more forgetful customers, a quick reminder of their vehicle registration. This is a very transparent approach to ANPR-based parking management and can be positioned as a ‘soft touch’ warning to car park users.

Signage should be located at the entrance and around the car park, drawing attention to the parking system and reminding visitors to remember their vehicle registration. Veri-park can advise on signage if required.

At the Payment Kiosk

Based on the specific site’s parking rules, customers may have several options to pay for or validate their parking session, including using the kiosk, the web site or other linked payment systems, such as pay by phone or in the future, the smart phone app, which is currently being developed by Veri-park.

Site rules can be configured in a multitude of ways, for example, all visitors may need to pay, there may be a free stay period for all visitors, or perhaps only for customers spending a minimum amount in a store. The Veri-park system is flexible enough to cater for almost any tariff scenario.

The user interface screens on the payment kiosk have been specifically designed to get customers through the payment or validation process as effortlessly as possible, spending as little time as necessary at the kiosk, reducing possible queuing as well as reducing initial capital setup costs through using fewer kiosks.  Web Portal – Online Payment or

Voucher Validation

By directing customers towards managing, validating and paying for their parking online, you could:

  • Minimise cash collections and other costs associated with cash collection
  • Reduce wear and tear on payment kiosk coin and note mechanisms
  • Build loyalty within your customer base

For customers who prefer not to visit a payment kiosk in the car park, there is the option to complete their transaction online using the Veri-park web payment portal.

This is particularly helpful when customers are in a rush, carrying shopping bags or have children with them; it is also useful when trying to avoid queues at the payment kiosks. Drivers have up to 48 hours to pay or validate their parking session online.

The web payment portal can branded as required by the landowner, managing agent or even a car park operator. This allows site management to either identify with the parking management or distance themselves from it, as may be required.

From the web portal, customers can:

  • Validate Parking: Enter in the unique voucher number received at the store to receive a free or discounted parking session
  • Pay Now: No need to pre register before paying – just enter a vehicle registration and card details for a one-off payment
  • Post Pay: Pay online up to 48 hours later (only on barrierless system)
  • Flexi Park: Register for a ‘pay as you use’ Flexi Park account – drive in and out of your chosen car parks and have your online account debited automatically
  • Pre-Book Season Tickets: Purchase weekly, monthly or annual season tickets
  • Receipts: Download and print VAT receipts
  • History: Full historical logs of parking sessions and payments are also available

Flexi-park... Parking Payments via Account

Registering online for a Flexi-park account allows Veri-park users to use the car park without interacting with a payment kiosk in the car park... simply drive in, do what you came to do and drive out... hassle free!

Our automated system recognises any Flexi-park registered vehicle arriving at and leaving the car park, and then automatically calculates the parking payment which applies for that visit, before deducting it from the account holder’s nominated debit/credit card. Simple as that!

Parking history and receipts are all available online through the account login.

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