High Definition Digital ANPR Cameras

The Veri-park solution utilises high definition Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras to log each vehicle registration as it passes through the entry and exit lane.

Information gathered by the ANPR Camera is passed through to a comprehensive back-office system, which reconciles payments & validations and integrates with the following:

  • Locally deployed parking payment kiosks.
  • Web based payments, (including one off payments, account set-up & validations).
  • Mobile phone payments (third party).

As part of the system’s day-end routines, the recorded vehicle registrations are matched against payments and validations, ensuring that customers have either paid for or validated their parking sessions in full. Vehicles that are not matched against a payment or other validation are then presented in a review file. It is then for the system owner to decide what action (if any) might be taken next, for example, creating a ‘contravention file’ that enables parking tickets to be issued.

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