Automated Payment Machines

Skidata pay-on-foot machines are designed for easy, convenient cash and card payments.

The following features are applicable to all Skidata pay-on-foot machines:

  • Designed in accordance with equalities act 2010 (DDA)
  • Minimises security risks with intelligent key management solution, either with unique key suiting or web keys
  • Via third party chip & pin with contactless, they can support all card payment
  • Terminals are controlled, monitored & audited by Skidata's proven Park.Logic software suite
  • Parking management system validated to PCI-DSS standard
  • RFID allows for loyalty and stored value schemes
  • Print@Home allows for validations and payment via PayPal.
  • IP CCTV enables operators to have a visual on the customer
  • Two-way integrated intercom system, with option of voice over IP
  • Intuitive user guidance via simple language and pictures
  • Soft touch buttons for lost tickets and language change settings
  • TFT colour display, break-proof monitor screen
  • UPS allows for safe shut down in event of power failure
  • Automated emergency mode operation ensures ultimate reliability during loss of network
  • Optional illumination attachment
  • Possible integration with e-charging


  • Power.Cash

    New business options with premium automated payment machines

  • Easy.Cash

    The Easy.Cash automated payment machine

  • Credit.Cash

    Pay-on-foot station designed specifically for cashless payment

  • Express.Cash

    Creating a rapid and swift real time payment at entry solution

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